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Perfume Generics

Perfume Generic (PG) Eau De Parfum 39ml (MEN)
High concentrated fine fragrance from France that lasts for more than 3 days. This range of perfume will definitely speak your Directions: Spray on pulse points and other areas desires as often as required.

- Good anti-ageing properties.
- Ideal for daily use on all skin types
- Making skin more radiant, ginger also gets to work on toning your skin.
- Suitable and best recommended for old people
- Calming the nerves and eases stiffness in joints.

Usage: Apply a few drops to the skin, massage well thoroughly and repeat.

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Perfume Generics Massage Oil 410ml

Terdapat 6 wangian
1) Sunflower
2) Lavender
3) Susu Kambing
4) Halia
5) Lemongrass (Serai)
6) Unscented

Isi Kandungan : 410ml

Contains the nurturing and soothing 100% Pure Sunflower Essential Oil for great formula relieve exhausted and fatigued muscles in a sensual way which absorbs quickly, leaving the skin soft

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