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EXP: 26/11/2023

【Matcharo Pro+ Matcha 18 Grains 25g】Drink Grains, Energy Gain

Pro+ grains is a nutritious grains beverage made from 18 types of premium grains and 5 Green sources which good for our health. It is a delightful drink that have delicious taste for all ages.<

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Organic cane sugar has the full-bodied taste of sugarcane and is much less processed, retaining a lot of the nutrients.
Organic sugar made from sugarcane juice extraction and dried.It different from white sugar as white sugar is processed and refined.
EXP DATE : 7/5/2024

Beneficial in helping to regulate bowel function, slim on fat and cholesterol free.
- Made from the huske of the Plantago ovata plants seeds
- Natural source of fibre - Relieves constipation
- Lowers cholesterol - Helps manage blood sugar
- Healthy weight management

LIVVON DIABEGARD consists of a healing protein obtained from the seeds of bitter gourd. The extracted protein is known as Polypeptide – k and helps to regulate blood sugar level in the body.&

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Welbon is definitely a natural and healthy way for you to wave goodbye to bones & joints diseases
*Repairs bone glue
*Calcium density
*Strengthens joints

Welbon is Mainly Aimed at
*Various bone problems
*Aging joints
*Sports injuries
*Cartilage damage
*Repair of joint tissue

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The main ingredients of Weldox:

Main effects of Weldox:
- Promote digestion
- Prevent Constipation
- Body Detoxification

Weldox is maily aimed at:
- Improve constipation
- Intestinal discomfort
- Bad breath
- Skin problems

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EXP DATE : 11/2023

What is ENPROVIS Plus?

ENPROVIS Plus is a Complete and Balanced Nutrition formula for

People who are frail

People recovering from illness

As a supplement to daily nutritional needs

As a meal replacement

ENPROVIS Plus is suitable for adults of all ages.<

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