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Byco Ginger Balm - 130ml


Byco Ginger Balm - 130ml

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Byco Ginger Lotion made from pure ginger and lemon grass extract as multipurpose lotion. Oil Free texture and baby safe. [Benefits]: ** This lotion is a non-oil & easily absorbed. ** Multipurpose lotion that helps to tone the body ** Help to burn fat for body slimming. ** Relieve muscle and joint pain. ** Help to remove air from the body. ** Relieve bloating and back pain. ** Help to relieve menstrual pain (for woman) ** Helps blood circulation ** Baby Safe [Ingredients]: Aqua, Emolium Detia, Olive Oil, Proguard php, Corum 9235, Solubilisant Gama, Ginger Oil, Methyl Salycilate, Lemon grass oil, Peppermint oil. [Use Direction]: Apply liberally onto targeted area) neck, shoulders, abdomen, waist, back, leg etc. Massage gently until lotion completely absorbed. Use twice daily, morning & night or as required. Can be used as massage lotion. Wash hands after use

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