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Honesty Welbon (15's)
Honesty Welbon (15's)
Honesty Welbon (15's)
Honesty Welbon (15's)


Honesty Welbon (15's)


Quantity: 5




Weight(grams): 1000

Dimension: 25 cm (Length) x 18 cm (Width) x 12 cm (Height)

Welbon is definitely a natural and healthy way for you to wave goodbye to bones & joints diseases
*Repairs bone glue
*Calcium density
*Strengthens joints

Welbon is Mainly Aimed at
*Various bone problems
*Aging joints
*Sports injuries
*Cartilage damage
*Repair of joint tissue
*Traumatic inflammation / pain
*Disorder of connective tissue
*Muscle pain / inflammation
*The best source of calcium supplement

-Supplements cartilage, keratin, and connective tissue repair.
-Inhibition of inflammatory substances and hyperemia reactions.
-Promote collagen synthesis and linkage
-Repair injured tissue and relieve bone and joint pain.
-Relieve pain quickly, effective within 3 to 7 days.

Welbon is suitable for
Men and women of any age adolescents and pregnant women, people who care about bone health.
Lack of exercise and activities in the sun.
Regular smoking, drinking and dieting.
Long-term use of drugs and steroids.
Consumes minimal milk, beans, etc.

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